A Bizarre Incident – Uprooted Stump Flies, Takes A Couple Of Rounds and Lands Upright!

A Bizarre Incident - Uprooted Stump Flies, Takes A Couple Of Rounds and Lands Upright!

Yes, you’ve read it right! It was a bizarre incident where the uprooted stump flew in the air, took a couple of rounds before landing upright. It was a funny sight at the end of a brilliant delivery to have the batsman bowled.

The Bizarre Incident
It so happened in the Scottish Regional Cricket Pro Series T20 game between the Caledonian Highlanders and Eastern Knights, where the bowler bowled gem of a delivery to knock the stumps off, sending one cartwheeling in the air. But that wasn’t it, as the players got into a celebration and the batsman started his walk back to the pavilion, the uprooted stump (still doing rounds in the air), landed upright!

The dismissal, in the 8th over of the Easter Knights innings saw the Highlanders bowler Cameron bowl a pitched up delivery which batsman Oli Heirs missed (going for a huge hit) and ended up clean bowled (sending his off stump flying in the air).

Not often are we witness to such visuals on a cricket field. But today, with the presence of social media and a technology boost, no action is left out.

Easter Knights Win High-Scoring Game
Batting first, the Eastern Knights had piled on a huge 198/8 in their 20 overs. Oliver Hairs was the top scorer with 63. A huge ask right from the go, the Caledonian Highlanders didn’t quite settle into the chase and ended up with 187/9. And what literally stood out in this match was the upright standing stump.

Regional Cricket Pro Series T20
Scotland’s premier domestic T20 league kicked off this week ever since cricket resumed after been called off due to the COVID-10 pandemic hit in March. The series features three teams – Western Warriors, Eastern Knights and Caledonian Highlanders. With the absence of spectators at the ground, courtesy protocols of the pandemic been implemented, the league still continues to enthral.

And over the cricket action, you have bizarre incidents like these that stand out… the stump literally did!

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