A Cricket format with a twist; Ultimate Kricket Challenge 2020-21 is here

What’s a cricket game without twists and tales. Over the last couple of decades, the game has taken major strides towards improvisation and making the action even more exciting. The latest introduction in cricket-playing formats comes in the form of the Ultimate Kricket Challenge; a one-of-its-kind format with a twist.

What is the Ultimate Kricket Challenge?
The Ultimate Kricket Challenge is a unique cricket format with a variation of its own. So what makes the Ultimate Kricket Challenge stand out from the usual cricket formats been played across the globe. The format sees 16 matches in which each player (or rather ‘contender’) faceoff against each other over 15 balls stretched in four innings.

Knowing The Ultimate Kricket Challenge Format
For many cricket fans, this exciting new concept is unknown. So here’s a quick read to get versed with the format on offer at the Ultimate Kricket Challenge 2020-21:

  • For every win in the league stage, a UKC contender earns 2 points 
  • The UKC contender with the highest number of runs scored at the end of each match is the winner
  • The top 4 placed UKC contenders from the league rounds are pitted in the semi-finals, winners of which advance to the finals
  • 15 balls will be bowled in each inning.  A UKC Contender must bowl a minimum of 8 balls per inning, while a sub player  (or an ‘Ace’ – can bowl a maximum of 7 balls per inning)
  • Beside the featuring UKC Contender when bowling, 1 fielder and 1 wicketkeeper will be accompanying him on the field
  • The UKC has no room for a bowler to bowl a bouncer. If bowled, it will be called a No Ball and the following delivery will be a Free Hit
  • No Balls and Wides will fetch 1 run each in the penalty
  • Run(s) can be scored only after the UKC Contender completes a run by virtue of running
  • The field is divided into 5 scoring zones with six scoring variations:
    • Zones A and B– 1 run
    • Zone C – 2 runs
    • Zone D – 3 runs
    • Zone E – with a bounce 4 runs, and
    • Zone E- Direct 6 runs
  • Now here’s the bonus, if a batsman hits the Bullseye (behind the bowler), he scores 12 runs and gains an extra ball to play. Bullseye on the square of wickets will get the batsman 4 Runs
  • And lastly the twist, every time a batsman gets out, he loses 5 runs from his score

The Ultimate Kricket Challenge 2020-21 Schedule
The Ultimate Kricket Challenge 2020-21 is scheduled to be held in Dubai (UAE) from the December 24th to January 1st. The first edition of the challenge will feature the likes of Yuvraj Singh, Chris Gayle, Kevin Pietersen, Rashid Khan, Eoin Morgan and Andre Russell. Star Sports Network will be the official broadcaster.

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