Revealed: The truth behind cameraman crying after MS Dhoni’s wicket

Revealed: The truth behind cameraman crying after MS Dhoni’s

Fans have been active on social media ever since India bowed out of the World Cup. It has been four days already, but the sadness has still continued to haunt the fans. One of the possibilities, which the fans have found particularly hard to believe, is concerning MS Dhoni’s career.

Truth Behind Cameraman Crying After Dhoni Wicket

A legend of the game, Dhoni played a valiant knock in his 350th ODI, but ultimately, he failed to take his team over the line in the semi-final. Right after the moment, he was dismissed by Martin Guptill’s throw, fans couldn’t help but notice the tears he had on his face. A lot of people postulated that the game could well turn out to be his final ODI appearance for India. That, however, is a reality people will take a big time to accept. Fans all throughout, right from singer Lata Mangeshkar to Javed Akhtar have urged the ‘keeper to stay. While there’s no clarity on Dhoni’s decision as of yet, there’s one aspect that has touched the heart of every Dhoni fan.

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A few days after the game, the internet was viral with an image of this cameraman crying at Dhoni’s dismissal. Fans were quick enough to react and post their versions of the image and its backstory. The series of images roughly showed an Indian ground cameraman reacting passionately to Dhoni’s wicket. Online shopping portal first posted this image on Thursday on their Facebook page. Within moments, multiple pages and communities shared the picture, and it has now acclaimed over 20,000 likes.

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However, a few fact checks conducted by newsgroup India Today have found the actual backstory of the image. Their Anti Fake New War Room has found that the image is actually of an Iraqi journalist. The image is of photographer Mohammad al Azzawi, and it dates back to January 2019. Azzawi’s team had lost to Qatar in the round 16 of the 2019 Asian Cup, and his passionate reaction had attracted quite some attention at the time. Journalist Steven Nabil, among many others, had tweeted out this image at the time it was created.

Thankfully, Fox Sports and Boom Live have now also published articles that have debunked the image and its misleading origins.

How do you feel about the viral image? Have you ever been as passionate as al Azzari for the Indian team? Let us know in the comments.

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