Cricketers nails Bottle cap challenge, Watch Shikhar, Yuvi, Archer version

The Bottle Cap Challenge has gone viral over the world from a while. Celebrities are continuously posting the videos of their challenge version on social media platforms. And now Cricketers nails Bottle cap Challenge by posting video of their version on social media.

What is Bottle Cap Challenge?

The challenge requires a person to uncap the bottle cap without using normal ways. Meanwhile, most of the persons are screwing up the bottle cap by kicking it. But cricketers comes up with different version, they are using their equipment to uncap the bottle. Celebrities like Jason Statham, Akshay Kumar, John Mayer has already posted the video of their version which went viral.

Cricketers nails the Bottle Cap Challenge:

Recently, the ‘Sixer King’ Yuvraj Singh nails the challenge by posting video on social media. In the video he used bat and ball to uncap the bottle. Meanwhile, he also tagged Sachin Tendulkar, Chris Gayle, Brain Lara and Shikhar Dhawan to take the challenge.

Here is the Challenge version of Yuvraj Singh:

Hence, Shikhar Dhawan accepts the challenge form Yuvraj Singh. This is the first time he picked up the bat since his hand injury. And he is looking good to join Indian Team soon. Forthwith, he posted the video on his twitter handle with a caption, “This is the first time I am picking up the bat up after my injury.. feels good to be back!”

Here is the video Shikhar Dhawan version:

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England pacer Jofra Archer also joined the Bottle cap challenge club. He did the challenge with his bowling, which is one of the best bottle cap challenge so far we have. He used the Coca Cola bottle to screw up the cap. Actually he is doing advertisement of the brand. He posted the video on his twitter handle  with caption, “When you recycle your empty bottles remember to keep the cap on!”

Here is the Video of Jofra Archer Version:
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