Dale Steyn lives in fear and is furious over multiple break-in attempts at his home

Ever since the lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus was announced in South Africa, it has affected livelihood to a great extent; some taking desperate measures to make ends meet, resorting to robbery, break-ins and other crimes. Cricketer Dale Steyn and his family, and even one of his friends have been victims of break-ins at their homes. The cricketer and his family have been left terrified with the events that have occurred in their lives during this pandemic.

Steyn at the Receiving End of Crime
The South-African pacer and his family have been at the receiving end of three break-ins within a span of one week. On one occasion, the culprits even went on to damage a car which belonged to Steyn’s friend. The crime has left Steyn and his mother terrified and at the same time furious amidst a time when situation outside is already grim. A frustrated Steyn tweeted, “3 attempted break ins since Friday at my house. Yesterday they destroyed my friends car and tonight scared the hell outa my mom who was alone at home. Rona definitely pushing people into desperation and I realize this tweet helps fuck all. Stay safe people.”

Steyn Expresses Concern
During these uncertain times, Steyn feels its a time when the society has to be responsible in handling the situation for the betterment of all. Talking to former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen, Steyn expressed, “It is a test for us, the time when people have to take care for each other but they are at the beaches, I mean what are they doing, there must be a reason why that is happening.”

These are tensed moments for all but definitely not one to live in fear arising out of crimes. 

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