MS Dhoni Shooting Practices Video Goes Viral On Social Media

The Veteran Indian cricketer MS Dhoni recently took a two months rest from International cricket. And he decided to serve the Indian Army in the paramilitary regiment. Meanwhile, currently he is in the Kashmir Ghati in order to complete his training. A couple of videos has already got viral of 38-years-old cricketer from Kashmir. Hence, once again Internet goes something special about him. MS Dhoni shooting practices video goes viral over social media.

Indian wicket batsman is serving Indian Army since July 31 and he going to be their till 15th August. Indian Army has also planned a beautiful opportunity for Lieutenant Colonel to hoist Indian national flag on the occasion of Independence Day in Leh. It will be the first Independence Day for Leh People after the removal of Article 370. And MS Dhoni will going to make an historical moment.

During his stint in Kashmir, a plenty of videos of legendary cricketer has already got viral. In one video we all have seen him playing volleyball with his paramilitary regiment team. Also one picture got much attention of social media in which he is polishing his shoes. Now once again a video is getting viral in which he was seen doing shooting practices.

“Dhoni is brand ambassador of the Indian Army. He has engaged in motivating members of his unit and has often been playing football and volleyball with the soldiers. He is also undertaking battle training exercises with the corps. And He will remain in the valley till 15th August,” an official mentioned.

Lieutenant Colonel MS Dhoni Practicing Shooting

Dhoni, who is Lieutenant Colonel in Indian Army, enjoying his time with his units. In the recent video which have made a great impact on social media, he was seen shooting practices in the Kashmir Valley Shooting Range. The video of the incident has got very high attention of his fans.

Here is the Video

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