Gotya The Dancing Umpire, Funniest Umpire In Cricket History

When a batsman scores a century he gets praise but when he scores duck he faces criticism. The same happens with a cricket umpire when they give a correct or wrong decision. Like players, some umpires also get a fan following during their career. Simon Taufel was known for his accuracy and today he is regarded as the best umpire in history.

Umpiring a very hectic job as you need to remain focussed throughout the game. Umpiring is sounds like a pretty boring job. There are very few umpires who sound funny on the cricketing field as it is a pretty serious job.

Gotya The Dancing Cricket Umpire

We have seen umpires who have a unique style of giving decisions. Billy Bowden is one of them who is popular for his typical umpiring style of signalling six, fours and out. However, ICC has dropped Bowden from the elite panel. He is currently serving as an umpire in New Zealand’s domestic cricket.

But it looks like cricket has got an updated version of Billy Bowden. There are viral videos on the web in which an umpire can be seen dancing while signalling his decision. Shankar Dhotre wildly known as Gotya umpire is famous for umpiring in local tournaments of Maharashtra. His popularity is such that people gather around the ground just to see his umpire. Below is the video where Gotya Umpire is dancing in Bollywood songs when signalling his decisions.

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Meanwhile, ICC’s umpiring standard has not been great in recent time, especially during the World Cup. Many times umpires were not accurate in the decision making and the final of the World Cup also faced controversies. Fans also blamed Super Over’s boundary counting rule. Fans think this rule is not fair enough to decide the winner in a tie a super over.

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