If their Government permits, UAE Board to have fan-filled stadiums for IPL 2020 matches

In the latest development surrounding the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), this year’s host country, the United Arab of Emirates (UAE) is looking at fan-filled stadiums for the IPL 2020 matches; however, only if the country’s Government permits the same. The ongoing pandemic lockdown norms have restricted public gatherings at a sports venues, but the UAE Board is hoping for at least a 30-50% accommodation for fans at the matches.

Emirates Board To Seek Government’s Approval
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) which is all set to host this year’s IPL is seeking for its Government to give a nod and go ahead with having spectators present for the matches. The 13th Edition of the Indian Premier League is scheduled to be held from September 19 to November 10 in UAE.  “We will definitely want our people to experience this prestigious event but it is totally the government’s decision.”, said UAE board secretary Mubashshir Usmani.

Question Mark Over Practice Sessions
With Government norms and precautionary measures in place surrounding the pandemic lockdown, the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) is penultimate stages of getting the final go-ahead from the Indian Government. However, questions loom over its ability to provide adequate practice sessions for the eight IPL franchises. Usmani cleared any doubts about it and commented – “UAE is blessed with the support of private infrastructure, “We are able to deliver such events and have delivered before. Last year, we hosted the T20 World Cup qualifier which had 14 teams.” And the Emirates nation has hosted the IPL in the past; hosting the first 20 games of the 2014 edition. So they have the experience of backing them.

Cricket vs Lockdown
As far as the pandemic is concerned.”The UAE government has been very efficient in bringing down the case numbers,” Usmani added. We are almost living a normal life with certain rules and protocols to be followed. And with the IPL still some time way, we will be in an even better place than what it is right now.” 

All said and done, if their Government permits, UAE Board is set to have fan-filled stadiums for IPL 2020 matches.

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