“It’s not always how it seems”; fans and fellow cricketers respond to Darren Sammy’s racism claim

The Darren Sammy-racism slur saga took another twist when few fans tried to clear the air through remarks on social media. Fans feels the slur is not always intended or is as hurtful as its made to sound. They claim, “it’s not always what it seems.” Just weeks ago, former West Indies captain Darren Sammy had voiced his disappointment on being a victim of racial discrimination by his fellow teammates at the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Sammy Makes Racism Claim
It was during his stint with south-based franchise, the Sunrisers Hyderabad, where Sammy was subject to racist slur from teammates. Recently, on learning of what the word – Kalu (one with a dark skin tone) means, Sammy had spoken out on twitter and also demanded an apology from his teammates. “It was during the practice sessions where some of them use to call me ‘kalu‘ in a friendly manner, I however use to laugh it out unknowing of what it actually meant.”, Sammy expressed. It was disappointing and not something that he had expected at top level cricket.

Fans And Fellow Cricketers Try To Clear The Air
Few cricket fans tried to bridge the understanding gap that the whole controversy had created. They even clarified how the claim is misunderstood. One fan tweeted, “@darensammy88 Just so that you know, “Kaalu” is NOT always a racist slur. It’d also be an endearing term used in Indian families. My late grandma used to call me that. It depends on the context/tone. Yes, it could be racist. Not always.” Another fan even hinted a racist slur to his explain by saying,”Kalu’ is not always a racial slur and it depends on what context it is being used.” Even former cricketers who played alongside Sammy, were surprised with his claims and weren’t aware of any such racial remark passed at the West Indian.

Sammy Stands By His Claims
Sammy however was unmoved by what the fans and fellow teammates had to say.  If the term has a racial twist to it, then it shouldn’t be used, Sammy feels. “So if there can be a racist slur to it I don’t think it should be used, he expressed.


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