Jofra Archer slams Taslima Nasreen for inappropriate comments on teammate Moeen Ali

English fast bowler Jofra Archer has earned quite a reputation on Twitter, thanks to his Nostradamus-Esque tweets. Time and again, Jofra and his old tweets have gone viral for making some accurate and super-specific bizarre predictions on Twitter. His fans have fondly given him the nickname ‘Jofradamus’ for the same. 

The Rajasthan Royals’ ace pacer has, unsurprisingly, made a few headlines for his tweets once again- although not quite for the reasons one would expect. On Wednesday, Jofra got into a heated one-on-one Twitter chat with Bangladeshi author Taslima Nazreen. Nazreen made some controversial comments regarding Jofra’s England teammate Moeen Ali. The comments clearly didn’t go down well with Jofra; prompting the pacer to give an honest piece of his mind to Nazreen. 

Taslima Nasreen claims Moeen Ali would’ve gone to Syria and joined the ISIS

It all started with Taslima posting an out-of-context tweet from her account. She claimed that if Moeen Ali, the premier English all-rounder, weren’t ‘stuck’ with playing cricket, he would’ve shifted to Syria and joined the terrorist organization Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Not only were her comments in obvious poor taste towards Moeen, but they were also rather random; considering neither of the two parties have much of a connection outside of their professional fields. 

English fast bowler Jofra Archer has earned quite a reputation on Twitter, thanks to his Nostradamus-Esque tweets

The tweet, which has since been deleted, elicited a large number of angry responses from the cricketing fraternity. While many of Moeen’s teammates rallied their virtual support behind him, Jofra took it upon himself to lambast Nasreen for her outrageous remarks. Here’s what he replied: 

Jofra strikes back at Nasreen’s ‘sarcastic’ remarks

It would appear as if Taslima hadn’t really gained any insights from the aftermath of the incident, as hours later, she posted another tweet defending her prior stance. Apparently, her ‘sarcastic’ comments directed towards Moeen were aimed at secularizing the Muslim society and opposing Islamic fanaticism. She further lamented how ‘pro-women leftists’ have joined forces with ‘anti-women Islamists to degrade humankind.

Meanwhile, Jofra had a few parting words for Nasreen on how to convey ‘sarcastic’.

On the cricketing scheme of things, Jofra recently underwent surgery on his right hand in England and looks all set to join his Rajasthan teammates in the IPL. He will, however, miss out on RR’s first couple of matches in Mumbai owning to quarantine restrictions. Moeen, meanwhile, joined his Chennai teammates immediately after the India-England ODI series. The 33-year-old all-rounder looks in the hot form to slot into CSK’s playing XI for their opening encounter against the Delhi Capitals. 

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