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5 instances where Indian cricketers embarrassed themselves on Social Media: Social media has really helped cricketers achieve the cult icon status that a lot of them have. The likes of Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma have all garnered a massive, individual fan-base thanks to the many FC’s devoted fans have accorded to them. That, and not to mention the reputation some cricketers have built for themselves through their witty banters and responses on social media. Ask Jimmy Neesham, or u/unleashthequiche as he used to call himself on reddit, he knows what we’re talking about.

That said, not every cricketer has had their brightest moments behind their devices. Time and again, a certain player makes a post that brings upon embarrassment so dire that they hardly think twice before deleting it. So here’s some fun we have had, coming up with 5 instances where a cricketer shared something embarrassing on social media.

Aditya Tare abuses SRK

Back in 2012, Bollywood icon and KKR’s co-owner Shah Rukh Khan got in trouble with the authorities at Wankhede Stadium. Shah Rukh got into an altercation with the MCA officials who lodged a complaint against the actor. The incident happened during a match between the Mumbai Indians and the Kolkata Knight Riders. The MCA charged Shah Rukh on the grounds of physically assaulting an MCA security guard. The MCA issued a life-time ban against SRK from entering the Wankhede. At the time, ‘keeper Aditya Tare (Indian cricketers) got rather excited by the news and expressed his satisfaction in a rather livid manner on Twitter.

Aditya Tare

Yuzvendra Chahal is ‘waiting’

Much like Jimmy Neesham, ‘Yuzi’ Chahal, as people fondly call him, has quite the reputation of engaging in witty banters with his fans. However, well before his ‘Chahal TV’ gained any traction whatsoever, Chahal tried to get in touch with his fans on social media. Back in 2012, just a year into his contract with the Mumbai Indians, Chahal tried to DM a lot of women on Twitter. What compounded the embarrassment in this case was the fact that he publicly tweeted to the women for checking his messages! Yup, this episode won’t get a re-run on Chahal TV anytime soon.

Yuzvendra Chahal

Mahi is finally free off fever

It’s not hard to believe that there are more fan-pages for MS Dhoni than the total number of words in this blog. Arguably, one of the greatest cricketer to have come out of India, the line of fans worshiping Dhoni is quite a long one. Interestingly though, Dhoni himself isn’t much active on social media now-a-days. That, however, wasn’t the case back in 2010, when he had recently joined Twitter. At the time, Dhoni used to tweet about every little thing that he used to do. While fans enjoyed frequent updates from their captain, a lot of the times, fans found it funny how he tweeted about every trivial thing going on in his life. This particular tweet where he declares that he is cured off fever is one that is particularly entertaining.

Rohit reminiscences wrong

Many players like to remember some of the best moments of their careers with a ‘throwback’ tweet. Fans. too, find the moments of nostalgia really inspirational . Earlier this year, dashing opener Rohit Sharma uploaded a picture of the dressing room after their Champion’s Trophy victory in 2013. Rohit alongside opening partner Shikhar Dhawan scored heavily throughout the entire tournament which enabled India to win the coveted trophy. In the picture, Rohit posed with the trophy with his teammates Suresh Raina, Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Dhawan. However, Rohit added the wrong year in the caption, of 2017. What’s more, India lost the 2017 Champions Trophy finals to arch-rivals Pakistan, which made the caption even embarrassing. Raina even acknowledged the error in the comments. Rohit soon deleted the tweet.

Rohit Sharma

Virat Kohli acknowledges ‘stranger’

Many fans believe that captaincy has helped Virat Kohli mature. His god-like numbers since 2017 are certainly a big testament to this claim. However, fans might also be referring to the improved temperament he has gradually developed. In his early days, Kohli had quite the reputation for his bold, and blatant behavior. It took some time before one could identify Kohli as this composed yet charismatic figure. In 2011, Virat had done an interview with MTV India presenter Shibani Dandekar. The interview became quite popular; people were impressed with Kohli’s style and passion for the sport. However, a few months later, Shibani, who also served as an IPL presenter at the time, shared a tweet. The tweet wasn’t related to RCB or Kohli, but Virat randomly replied to the tweet. Kohli replied, ‘Hi stranger’, which was very weird at the time, considering the fact that they did an interview.

Which post, in your opinion, is the most embarrassing? Do you know of even more weird instances? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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