Sheldon Jackson Slams A Fan For Insulting KL Rahul & Anushka Sharma

Saurashtra batsman Sheldon Jackson was phenomenal in last Ranji season. With 854 runs, he was among the highest run-scorers of the tournament. However, he didn’t get a slot in India A and other squads which have made him upset. Not only Jackson but no other players from Saurashtra has made to any recent BCCI squads.

Sheldon Jackson took this matter to Twitter. He felt that it is unfair to him and his teammates and posted a series of tweets. In one of his tweets, Shelson slammed selectors for not giving any value to Ranji finalists. He wrote, “Saurashtra has played the Ranji Trophy finals this year, and surprisingly still no player even after performing at all platforms, don’t get picked for the A-series. so is the importance of playing the Ranji Trophy finals zero”

However, a fan in comment section shamelessly asked Seldon Jackson to develop a friendship with Anushka Sharma, wife of Indian captain Virat Kohli. So he can easily get a chance in Indian team. He gave an example of KL Rahul who is a good friend of Anushka and Virat. The fan wrote, “Like KL Rahul… You try to develop a friendship with Anushka Sharma…”

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Sheldon Jackson was quick to berate the user for his disgraceful comment. Saurashtra batsman asked the user to learn some manner and not to involve families of cricketers. Sheldon wrote, “Surya, please learn some manners and think before you tweet. This is so disrespectful towards KL and Anushka who have nothing to do with it. Keep families away from cricketing matters.”


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