Shikhar Dhawan’s wife lashes out at fan who passed racist comment over her son’s skin colour

It’s been over a month now since citizens around the world hit back at racial abuses caused to the minority communities over skin color. A revolution that has led to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ stir all over. Even in India, netizens took to social media platforms and other mediums to voice their support to the minorities and to bring an end to all such racial abuses. Recently, it was cricketer Shikhar Dhawan’s wife Ayesha who lashed out at a fan over a racist comment he’d passed on the cricketer’s son.

Ayesha Dhawan’s Stand Against Racism
It was a while back that a fan had passed a racist comment on their son’s skin color. On a post about her son, a fan had remarked, “Zorabar Son, you are black, you will remain black.” Quite offended with the remark, Ayesha Dhawan wrote back a firm response which reflected her stance on putting an end to such abuses.

Ayesha Dhawan’s Firm Response
Mrs. Dhawan hit back with a firm response in which she said, “Amazes me that people are so concerned about skin colour. If a person is brown, black, white or yellow what does it matter? The funny thing to me is that certain people that are Indian have a problem with skin colour when logically and biologically brown skin is very normal in those parts of the world,” She further added, “It’s like you are only denying your self. And another thing is that the more you deny your reality the more you are suffering. I own myself completely and so do my kids.” 

However, we don’t see the Dhawan’s moved by the remarks as they’ve been too engrossed with activity during this pandemic. As also, Mrs. Dhawan took off her response after a while. But it’s really unfortunate that a discrimination of such mediocrity comes in a nation like India whose population predominantly comprises brown-skinned people. 

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