Suresh Raina spills the beans on cheerleaders distracting the cricketers

Suresh Raina spills the beans on cheerleaders distracting the cricketers

Suresh Raina made headlines when he opted out of the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League citing personal reasons for his exit. The left-handed batsman has been the backbone of the Chennai based franchise and has been a regular performer for his team. CSK missed the star batsman badly in the recently concluded IPL. Suresh Raina recently made an appearance on The Kapil Sharma Show with his wife Priyanka Raina.

Chinna Thala was invited as a guest on The Kapil Sharma Show with his wife and the ex-Indian batsman had to answer some really tricky questions. As is the format of the show, Kapil Sharma asks some controversial questions from his guests and leaves them in a fix. Raina was no exception as he was also bombarded with few difficult questions, but the batsman handled them quite well.

However, this time it was Archana Puran Singh who tricked Raina into a very difficult yet interesting question. Raina was asked to disclose the name of the cricketer who easily gets distracted from the cheerleaders. It was certainly a bouncer by Archana Puran Singh but Raina was clever enough to answer her question without a fuss.

Suresh Raina escaped a googly

Raina said that the cheerleaders dance only for the viewers. The players don’t even get a chance to see them as such. Only when they are on the big screen, do the players get a chance to see them for a little while. He also added that the cheerleaders don’t arrive earlier than the players. They arrive at 07:30 pm too.

“They are for the viewers. We can’t see them as we have to focus on the match. We get to see them on TV when they dance to our sixes and fours. We get to see a bit of their performance when we go for the toss. They too arrive at 07:30 pm,” said Raina. The former Indian batsman surely outsmarted everyone with his cunning answer to the question.

Raina’s presence was sorely missed in the Chennai camp in this year’s IPL as his team couldn’t perform to its potential and ended up at the 7th position on the points table. This was also the first time in so many years that Chennai couldn’t qualify for the playoffs.

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