The Yorker Challenge: Virat Kohli Cheers For Royal Challengers Bangalore Bowlers’

Virat Kohli
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The much-awaited 13th edition of the Indian Premier League is going to hit our TV screens from September 19. The tournament had to be taken abroad due to the ongoing COVID situation in India. The cash-rich league will be played in UAE under a bio-secure bubble. All the teams are busy training for the tournament currently and gearing up for the 13th season.

Royal Challengers Bangalore bowling coach, Adam Griffith came up with a fun and interesting ‘The Yorker Challenge’ for bowlers to help them get their Yorkers right. All the RCB bowlers participated in the challenge while their teammates cheered for them from the sides.

All the players are breaking sweat during practice sessions to prepare themselves for the tournament. Not only the players but the coaches are also sweating it out to make sure that their team is ready to take on the challenges that await them. Since coaching is an integral part of training, coaches have to come up with interesting drills to keep the players engaged.

Virat Kohli plays the cheerleader

The coach made a small square around the stumps and designated points to the markers and stumps on the pitch. He designated one point each if the ball landed in the square, three points if the ball hit the stumps on the ground and five points if the ball hits any of the front markers. The bowlers seemed to enjoy the task while it was Virat Kohli who stole the limelight.

Kohli played the perfect cheerleader as he clapped and jumped every time the bowler hit the target. He was seen hugging the bowlers and even encouraging them every time they missed. All the players seemed to really take delight in the session. It was indeed an interesting drill by the coach Adam Griffith.

The RCB camp will definitely look to improve their record in IPL and start their campaign on a good note. Virat Kohli and Co. will certainly have to give their best if they want to lay their hands on the IPL trophy this year.

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