This Is The Right Answer Of MS Dhoni TNPSC Exam Question

Recently, a question on MS Dhoni was asked in an exam of Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC). The multiple-choice question is; “Cricket player Dhoni’s average in the first 30 matches was 72 runs. After 31st match, his average raised as 73 runs. How many runs did he make in 31st Match?”. The four options are; (A) 100 (B) 103 (C) 74 (D) 108.

Around, 15 lakh people appeared in the exam. After this exam, many Google searches about the question were recorded. Even many posted this question on social media to find out the right answer.

Right Answer Of MS Dhoni TNPSC Question

The right answer to this question is 103. Dhoni’s average in first 30 matches is 72 runs, so when we multiply 30 by 72 we get 2160. That means Dhoni has scored 2160 runs in his first 30 matches. His average after 31 matches is 73. So now we will multiply 73 by 31 and we will get 2263 which are Dhoni’s runs after 31 matches. And now, we will subtract Dhoni’s runs after 31 matches from Dhoni’s runs after 30 matches. That is; 2263 – 2160 = 103. So, MS Dhoni scored 103 runs in his 31st match.

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Another Cricket Question

Before, another question about cricket was trending. The question was; What is the maximum number of runs a single batsman can score in an ODI match (50 Overs) in which no No-Balls, no Wides, no Extras, no Over-throws given by the fielding side? Options are; (A) 1800 (B) 1650 (C) 1653 (D) 1550 (E) 1555 (F) 1506.

However, many failed to answer this right. The right answer is (C) 1653.

  • From over 1 to 49, the batsman will hit a six on the first 5 balls and in last ball he will take 3 runs to keep the strike. That is 33 × 49 = 1617
  • In 50th over, the batsman will hit 6 sixes means 36 runs. That is 1617 + 36 = 1653.
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