Virat Kohli Finally Speaks On His Relation With Rohit Sharma

There has been a lot of talks regarding a breach between Indian skipper Virat Kohli with his deputy Rohit Sharma since India’s semi-final loss against New Zealand in the World Cup.

But Virat Kohli has replied to all the critics and his as well Sharma’s fans with denying the controversy in a press conference video published by the official twitter handle of BCCI.

The Indian skipper just before departing for the West Indies tour clarifies about his relationship with Rohit Sharma. As he mentioned, “I have always praised Rohit whenever I had an opportunity because I believe he is that good”.

Kohli makes it clearcut that he and Sharma had no issues and has no clue what people are benefitting from all these stories as he further added ” we have had no issues and it’s baffling, and I don’t know who is benefitting from all of these”.

Surprised skipper also seemed unhappy that despite players working hard to uplift the Indian cricket team, still, people try to find pleasure with such talks.

“We are living, breathing, working towards getting Indian cricket on top, and here people want to get some kind of pleasure and bring it down,” said a disappointing Kohli.

The issue got more fuel added when Rohit Sharma unfollowed Kohli and his wife on Instagram a global mobile application used for photo and video sharing.

Kohli’s wife Anushka Sharma, a well-known actress in the Bollywood industry, has more than 26 million followers couldn’t be silent on this incident and replied indirectly through her story.

She stated “A wise man once said nothing. Only truth can shake hands with silence in a mess of false appearances” it looked it was targeted at the Mumbai Indians skipper.

There were reports that the team had been partitioned into two groups under both leaders side.

The Men in Blues will play their first international match after the World Cup on August 3 against the T20 giants West Indies in Florida. The team will move towards Guyana for the third T20I game as well for the rest of the tour.

Virat Kohli will continue to lead the team in all formats despite speculations aiming that the white-ball captaincy to be shifted in Sharma’s hands.

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