WATCH- Mickey Edwards Escapes From Serious Injury While Bowling

Mickey Edwards Escapes From Serious Injury: In the modern day’s cricket ICC has taken many steps regarding the security of the players and umpires when on the ground. Especially after Phil Huges’s untimely demise, now ICC has improved the protection in helmets for the batsmen. However, bowlers still don’t have any protection, especially for fast bowlers. When some fast bowlers bowl he or she gets blind for some times (2-3 seconds) while in the follow-through. And it is a topic of concerns, an incident came out in which bowler escaped luckily while in the follow-through.

Today on Sunday, Cricket Australia has shared a video of an incident on their twitter handle in which we can see how lucky the bowler was. The video is from the ongoing Marsh Cup 2019, the match is between Queensland and New South Wales. During the match, NSW bowler Mickey Edwards bowled a fuller delivery. And Queensland batter Sam Heazlett decided to attack and hit the ball straight back at the bowler. Edwards was in follow-through and luckily escaped from getting an injury on the head.

The video is looking very scary, during the first watch, it is looking that he got hit on the head. However, she luckily gets the hand in between at the right time. Here we are sharing the video of the incident.

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Cricket Australia has shared the video with the caption, Thankfully, Mickey Edwards is OK after this scary moment at AB Field #MarshCup”

Here is the video of the incident

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