WATCH: Stuart Broad Taken Four Runs Back From The Umpire

Over the Internet, a video has gone viral of the incident happened during the 3rd match of the ongoing Ashes. In the video, Stuart Broad has seen asking the umpire to change the decision through the stumps mic. However, this made onfield umpire to revert his decision.

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After Steve Smith ruled out, England fans were confident of levelling the series as now they have to bowl against timid batting line up. But it looked like that Steve Smith has transferred his powers to replacement Marcus Labuschagne. Marcus is looking great in touch and played a decent inning. But during the match, something happened with Marcus which has taken off 4 runs from his bag. In the 62nd over of the Australian innings, Labuschagne hooked a short ball of veteran Stuart Broad and ball went to the boundary after hitting with Marcus’s Helmet. The earlier umpire had given four runs from the bat as it was looking ball took the edge.

However, Stuart had got that it was not from the bat, and he asked the third umpire through the stumps mic that, “Could you take those four runs off, please.”

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Then something happened which looked funny, the onfield umpire Joel Wilson has taken the decision back. And corrected the decision, as it is Leg-Byes. This means that four runs from Stuart Broad account have taken off and however, Marcus Labuschagne’s score went back to 56 from 60.

Here is the video of the incident

However, England has now a good chance to level the series. With the remaining two days and seven wickets, England needs to score 203 runs more to win the ongoing Test Match. But still, Australian has a good chance to defeat England by taking the remaining seven wickets.

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