Watch: Virat Kohli hilariously trolls gatecrasher Yuzvendra Chahal over on Instagram live-chat with Sunil Chhetri

Virat Chahal Sunil

Every Indian cricket fan knows about leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal’s strong aptitude- both on and off the field. When he is taking time off from his field-job of bamboozling opposing batsmen with his bowling; Chahal spends his time entertaining fans through witty, comical antics on Instagram and TikTok. The ongoing lockdown period, in particular, has really helped ‘Yuzi’ up his game on social-media.

And it doesn’t seem that he’ll stop with his stunts anytime soon. Earlier today, Virat Kohli and Sunil Chhetri- captains of the national cricket and football teams respectively- were interacting over on a public live chat session on Instagram. Until Chahal decided to gatecrash their heartwarming-conversation with a comment-appearance. But his captain just had the perfect idea to deflect the troll back in his direction. 

Kohli was narrating an incident to Chhetri when he noticed Chahal’s comment. “There, so [Yuzvendra] Chahal is here too. ‘Hello bhaiyas [brothers] from home.’ He isn’t going to listen. Please, listen to me brother. You have to be everywhere, don’t you? No matter who’s talking, he’s going to comment for sure. This is too much, man,” Kohli said. He had yet another suggestion for his RCB teammate as to how to enjoy the post-lockdown period.

“The day things return to normalcy, he’ll be seen running on the roads, he’s not going to go back to his home again. He’ll just run with his TikTok  on and just keep running everywhere.”

Chhetri, too, had some fun insights to offer. “I saw one of his videos, because I was calling him to get some stuff about you. He’s saying, ‘I won’t come back when the lockdown ends. I’ll live in hotels, I won’t come back to the house’” Virat concluded the matter hilariously. “He’s done. Some wire has gone awry inside him. He has been short-circuited.” 

Chahal and Kohli’s trolling-history

This isn’t the first time though that Kohli came-up with his own trolling game. Just a few weeks back, while chatting with AB de Villiers, he had described Yuzi as an ‘absolute clown’.

“Have you seen his TikTok videos? You should go and check out Yuzvendra Chahal’s Tik Tok videos. You will not believe this guy is playing international cricket and he is 29-year-old. Just go and look at his videos. He’s an absolute clown,” he had said.


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