Why Two T20 World Cup To Be Played In 2020 and 2021?

ICC has always found trouble in arranging the schedule of an ICC tournament except World Cup. Also, the context of the ICC Champions Trophy has always remained in question as there is already a 50-over World Cup. As we know, the T20 WC comes every two years. And after 2016 T20 WC the next edition should have been played in 2018. But ICC had cancelled the T20 WC in 2018 as there would be an ICC tournament every year; 2016 – T20 World Cup, 2017 – Champions Trophy, 2018 – T20 WC, 2019 – World Cup, 2020 – T20 WC and so on.

Two T20 World Cup In Two Years

And fans have less interest in watching an ODI tournament as compared to T20. So, ICC has decided to discard the concept of 8-team tournament Champions Trophy and now 16-team tournament T20 World Cup to be played in every four years. Next T20 WC is going to play in Australia in 2020. But, earlier it was already declared that India will host the ICC Champions Trophy in 2021. But as ICC has discarded the concept of Champions Trophy they have decided to convert it in T20 World Cup.

It will be the second time that there will be two World T20 in two years. The first time it happened in 2009 and 2010 due to the 2011 World Cup. ICC World Cup is the main cricket tournament and ICC don’t want to affect its scheduling. So now, ICC has arranged all the tournament in order so they don’t have to cancel any event in the future.

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The concept of a 20-over World Cup every two years has also been scrapped. T20 WC has already gained a lot of success all over the world. Now, ICC wants to revive test cricket and for that they have announced ICC Test Championship. 9 test playing nations to play a series against 6 teams as the part of the championship. Lord’s cricket stadium is going to host the final of the championship in 2021.

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