Yuvraj Singh Once Again Takes Dig At Selectors On Dhoni’s Question

Since ICC World Cup 2019, MS Dhoni is out of the action and there has been lot of talks on Dhoni’s future whether he is going to play international cricket again or retiring from international cricket. There has been no update from Dhoni’s side and no selector is giving clear cut information. Meanwhile, Indian former all-rounder, Yuvraj Singh was asked about his views on MS Dhoni’s future. 37-year-old had once again taken a dig at the Indian selectors, when reacted over the question.

MSK Prasad’s team India selection committee has faced a lot of criticism in the past two years. They have made some of the more bizarre decisions in their tenure which have made fans annoyed. And recently, MSK said that they have moved on from MS Dhoni and now only focusing on young talent. This statement from MSK Prasad made the fans angry and MSK Prasad led selection committee trolled everywhere very badly.

“We are moving on, we are very clear. Post World Cup we have been clear. We started backing (Rishabh) Pant and wanted to see him do well. He may not have had the best of matches but we are clear, we are focusing on him only,” Prasad had said.

BCCI’s President views on Dhoni’s Future

However, newly appointed Sourav Ganguly as the BCCI president has opposite views than Indian selectors. He said that Dhoni’s future only depends upon him and further added that champions don’t finish quickly. “It depends on him. I have always said when I was left out, and no one thought I could make it back”, Ganguly said.  “I came back and played for four years. Champions don’t finish very quickly. I don’t know what’s in his mind or what he thinks about his career.” BCCI President said.

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Yuvraj Singh’s Took Dig At Indian Selectors

And now, when the question was asked from Yuvraj Singh about Dhoni’s future, he took dig at selectors by saying ‘ask the great selectors’. “I don’t know. You should ask your great selectors, when you meet them. That’s their call, not mine,” he said.

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