Fire Breaks Out At Cricketer Sreesanth House At Kochi

Shanthakumaran Sreesanth has recently got good news from BCCI, as the lifetime ban reduced to 7 years. However, now he will be eligible to play in all form of cricket from 13th September 2019. But an incident from the last night has left Sreesanth in shock for another time. On Friday midnight Fire broke at Sreesanth House at Koch Residence.

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Meanwhile, Sreesanth was not present at home, at the time of the incident. But his wife and children were in the house which led to a panic situation. However, everyone safely evacuated from the house.

Fire Breaks Out At Sreesanth House At Kochi

Shanthakumaran Sreesanth’s neighbours had informed the Fire Station and Police Station after noticing something alarming situation in the form of smoke coming out. Sreesanth was not at the home but there were his children, wife and two housemen. They all were present on the first floor. And firefighters had rescued by breaking the glass door on the first floor of their house.

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