Most Bizarre Run Out In The History Of Cricket, Have You Seen Before

Most Bizarre Run Out In The History Of Cricket

Cricket is one of the most entertaining game for players as well as for the viewers. And in cricket ‘Run-Out’ is known for most disappointing dismissal for the players. As it may be by the mistake of partner at other end. However, many of the players got Run-out by the mix up in each other combination.

Recently, The Cricket Paper has posted a video of Most Bizarre Run Out in the history of Cricket. With the caption, “Have you ever seen a bigger mix up?”

Here is the video

Watch Video: Ball Stuck Into The Trent Boult’s Helmet, Fielders Trying To Catch

However, this video is looking very funny and it is also one of the disappointing moment for the batsman. As he has to leave the crease by mix up in between the wickets. We all seen many bizarre scene in the cricket history. But this one is looking one of the most funny.

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