Suresh Raina’s Inspirational Story Of Becoming A Cricketer

Suresh Raina’s Inspirational Story Of Becoming A Cricketer: Suresh Raina looks a happy and joyful person today. But his life was not the same when he was in a sports hostel in Lucknow. Today, Raina prefers to sleep on the floor and not on a bed, it’s the way he grew up. Once, Raina was so depressed that he had a thought of committing suicide in his mind.

Suresh Raina was born in a middle-class Kashmiri Pandit family. His father Trilok Chand hails from Jammu Kashmir and later settled in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad. Suresh Raina has three elder brothers named, Dinesh, Mukesh, Naresh and a younger sister named Renu. His mother Pravesh hails from Dharamshala, Himachal. Pradesh. Suresh Raina told that his father was in Army and there was not much money, but still, his family started enjoying small happiness of life.

Suresh Raina’s Inspirational Story Of Becoming A Cricketer

Suresh Raina’s Tortured Childhood

Raina was 13-year old when he moved to a Sports Hostel in Lucknow far away from the loving atmosphere of the home. Suresh Raina had shifted to the hostel to make his life better but he had no idea that this will make his life miserable.

Suresh Raina was sleeping on the berth of a train on the way to his match. Suddenly, Raina felt a heavy weight on his chest. Before he could open his eyes his hands were pinned down. It was a big boy standing on his chest. He started urinating on Raina’s face. After too much struggle Raina pushed the big boy. But this was just a start of his struggle.

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Some boys in the hostel were ruthless to Raina as he was getting the attention of coaches. They were jealous that he could get ahead in his life. They used to mix trash on the milk buckets. Raina and his friends had to use a scarf to filter out the trash from milk. In cold winters nights, they used to splash water on them.

Suresh Raina during u19 World Cup 2004 (Photo – FARJANA K. GODHULY/Getty Images)

Once, Raina and one of his friend tried to fight with them but both got badly beaten. After the incident, Raina was so depressed that he wanted to commit suicide. But, Raina’s elder brother helped him to overcome his fear. He quit the hostel and decided to channelise his anger positively.

Life-Changing Moment Of Suresh Raina Inspirational Story

Then, one day he received a call from Mumbai to play for Air India. Suresh Raina calls this a life-changing moment. He said, “UP mey rehta toh bas khatam ho jaata, chote mote games khelte hue.”

Suresh Raina’s Inspirational Story Of Becoming A Cricketer

In 1999, Raina got a scholarship of 10,000 rupees from Air India. Suresh Raina told at that he realised the value of money. He used to give 8,000 to his family and used to spend the rest of the money on his expenses. In 2004, Raina played u-19 world cup for India under the captaincy of Ambati Rayudu. Finally, in 2005, Raina’s hard work paid off as he donned the Indian national cricket team jersey for the first time.

Suresh Raina with his wife and daughter (Pic – Twitter)

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In 2009 T20 World Cup, he became first Indian to score a century in T20 cricket. Today, Suresh Raina regarded as one of the best T20 batsmen of the world. In 2015, he tied the knot with his childhood friend Priyanka Choudhary. The couple has a 3-year old daughter named Gracia.

Today, Suresh Raina has achieved everything despite facing miseries in life. He is a true example of never giving up in life.

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