WATCH: Virat Kohli Reveals When He Firstly Met With Anushka Sharma

Recently, Virat Kohli had made his appearance in the American Show ‘In-Depth with Graham’. Basically it is an American sports interview Television Program hosted by Graham Bensinger. There Virat Kohli had faced many questions and answered with very honestly. Such as early meet with Anushka Sharma, about there nickname, and the first thing they have said to each other.

Questions Asked About the Wife Anushka Sharma

Question: What’s the nickname that fans have given to you both?

Virat replied, “Virushka, they combined Virat and Anushka, and made it Virushka.”

Question: How did you guys just meet?

Virat Replied, “So we met at the commercial shoot for ‘Shampoo’ and I remembered my manager, Bunty he told me so you have this brand coming up and it was a known brand ‘Clear Shampoo’. And I was like, ‘Great’ and sounds good and exciting. And I was like, who’s with it? he replied it is with Anushka Sharma. And I was like, Are you kidding me? He said no, I am serious. I was like, How the hell am I gonna look with a professional actor. he said, don’t everything will be fine don’t worry. And then I met her for the first time and I cracked a joke immediately with her.”

Question: Were you nervous?

Virat, “I was very nervous and that’s why I cracked a joke because I didn’t know but to do.”

Question: Do you remember what you said?

Virat, “Yeah, I remember what I said. I was actually I thought I was being funny but I just said something which was not the probably the right thing to say.”

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And also then Virat Kohli has shared many things about personal-life with Anushka. Such as about the proposal. Here we are sharing the full video of the interview. Watch out the full video with Graham Bensinger. And Virat has also shared the wedding. And also discussed the honeymoon which was in Finland.

Here is the full video of the Interview

Recently, Virat Kohli has become the most successful captain of India with 28 wins in Test Cricket. Meanwhile, Virat and company have now to play T20I series against South Africa, starting from 15th September.

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